Mobile Learning

Education and learning is always shifting, now in the 21st century, education is shifting to a technological based classroom. In this unit, I built a mobile app centered around the Civil Rights Movements and Martin Luther King JR. It includes an overview of the Civil Rights Movement and MLK JR, the “I Have a Dream” speech, a quick quiz, and a page with external links for further information and reading. The classroom I am currently working in is finishing up their unit on the Civil Rights Era, I wanted my mobile app to be a quick review for the students. From my observations, talking to students, and reading the article  “Learning in the 21st Century: Mobile Devices + Social Media = Personalized Learning,” students use their cellphones for everything. By creating this app, they can use it as a quick refresher to keep up with lecture, or as a review in their free time. As a future teacher, I would use the app I created in class as a bellringer review of our MLK JR lesson, and also come back to it when reviewing for the end of the unit exam. Overall, this mobile app creation could be expanded or even create new ones to incorporate different lessons.

Here is the link to my app:

Civil Rights Era/Martin Luther King JR Mobile Learning App