Digital Story Telling


Above is my finished digital story. This process has been a great experience and I have gained new technology skills through this journey. I hope you enjoy the video!

Here is a link to my blog post on my self-assessment based on the rubric I created which is also linked below.


Here is a link to my sources: ed 386 bib

As I continued to work on my digital story, I narrowed my focus from the Constitution in general, to a brief introduction to the appeals process in the court system. Below is the new script I used for my digital story.

new script

Below I have created an assessment rubric for the digital story telling assignment. I have referenced readings, class discussions, and my own understanding of the project in order to create this rubric. It has six categories to be graded, with five descriptions and point values per each description in each category.

Assessment Rubric for Digital Story

Below I have created a story board and script for my digital story telling project. The subject of my video will be about the Constitution.

Blogpost & Storyboard & Script about digital story telling

In the blog post below, I have analyzed the two classrooms I have had the pleasure of observing this semester. I discuss their use of technology, and relationships between one another and the teacher.

Audience Analysis

Below is a link to my blogpost analysis of multimodal texts. This pre-analysis was in preparation of creating my digital story and what modes of text will work best in the video.

Multimodal Text Analysis