Video Game Blog Post 3

I decided to stick to playing the Great Gatsby game. I found it to be very useful for both classroom use, and leisure pleasure. After playing several rounds of the game, I cannot get past the end of level two. Through level two, which coincides with the valley of ashes from the book, I find myself stuck at the end of level two. In this section of the level, the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg come to life and are shooting lasers at Carroway, the character the player is. In this section, I tried waiting it out, and jumping up and throwing my hat at the eyes, but I always die. I am completely stumped on how to continue from this part of the game.

Below are the screen shots from level two of the game.

Based on the reading with Gee, the one point that I found the most accurate when playing video games is that when a video game is pleasantly frustrating. I found myself frustrated that it took a few tries to complete levels one and two, but wanting to complete the task. However, I was stumped when I got to the part of the eyes and did not know what to do at all. Overall, I think this game would go very well with a literature lesson when reading The Great Gatsby. Out of the two games I explored, I prefer this one and feel it would be more beneficial for the classroom. To me, this is more video game like because it has an action and manipulation component rather than the Urbanization game which was only questions. I would like to continue exploring to see if I could find a game that goes with my content area of history, but for now I will see if I can beat the eyes!


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