Video Game exploration blog 2

After not feeling satisfied with the first game that I explored, I decided to search for something else. While browsing some of the options offered by Dr. Shutkin, I stumbled upon a game called The Great Gatsby. Last semester in my Literacy Across the Curriculum class, I had a classmate who used this game as part of a lesson, so I decided to try it for myself. Having watched the movie and studied the book, I was intrigued to see what the game had to offer for myself.

The person playing the game plays as the character of Nick Carroway, the narrator and one of the main characters of the story. In the first level, the goal is to find Gatsby at one of the parties that Gatsby is known for throwing. The character travels through three sections of this level, one through the house, the garden, then another section of what appears to be a house before finding Gatsby. Upon finding Gatsby, the next is the scene of Gatsby looking at the green light. I have included an image from the level and one from the scene with the green light.

After completing level 1, I moved on to level two. This level is is played on a moving train, where Carroway moves along the top of the cars. I will admit, I became frustrated and decided to give the game a rest because I had failed this level three times, going through 9 lives. Despite my giving up, I enjoyed playing this game and plan to go back to it and beat level 2, and hopefully the entire game.

Even though my content area is history and not ELA, I would find this game very useful for the classroom. This is a way to bring the book alive for the students besides watching the movie. For example, as the students work through the book, they could play the level that corresponds that level.

Recently, I read an article about the difficulty of incorporating video games into the classroom. One of the main issues with this is time. Teachers only have a certain amount of time to relay the information and develop the skills with the students. Therefore, video games seem easy to not incorporate into their lessons. However, this Great Gatsby game would be very essential and enjoyable for the students and should be used within the unit of Gatsby.




  1. Hey Gabby!

    For this unit of incorporating video games into the curriculum, you picked the perfect video game! I remember reading the Great Gatsby in high school and found the reading dull and dry. I think you make a great point that adding this type of technology would make this literary topic much more interesting and engaging. I also really like the comment you made about students playing each level in accordance to where they are in the book. I truly think this would give students a nice break from the reading and give them a chance to think about the book from a different perspective. I would absolutely use this game in the classroom.


  2. I really like the idea of this game that you found! While some students may find the book challenging or boring to read, I think this would be a great way to reinforce the content of The Great Gatsby in an enjoyable and engaging way. I also like your point about playing the level of the game that corresponds with the chapter of the book. Students could use this to further understand the book or even compare and contrast the video game version of The Great Gatsby to the book. While I agree that time would be somewhat of an issue with incorporating this video game into the classroom, it could also be given as an optional homework assignment if students had access to a device to play it on.


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