Blog Post 1: Who am I?

Hi! My name is Gabriella, Gabby, and I am a junior at John Carroll University. I am a double major in History and Education. I am from a small town outside of Erie PA called North East.

IMG_7164.JPG      These are my two younger brothers and myself.

This year, I have decided to “find myself,” for lack of better words. I do enjoy reading, working out, and spending time with friends and family. However, I really want to try out and find some new hobbies I would like to spend my time doing. I have decided to start painting again, I am going to try out some photography, and really want to have a more positive outlook on situations and realize things that happened have shaped me into whoI am today.

My personal learning style, I do my best in a classroom setting, online courses are not for me. However within the classroom, I enjoy a combination of types of lessons ranging form lectures to discussions to in class activities. For me to feel comfortable, I need to “feel out” the atmosphere of the classroom. If I feel it is one where I will not receive positive feedback on an answer even if it not correct, then I will not volunteer very often.

Recently I have not been reading very many articles on education, however overall through receiving my education and learning about the classroom, I have read a broad range of articles. What matters the most to me in education is that the students are grasping and understanding the information being presented to them, that they are doing more than just memorizing the facts presented to them. This goes with Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning and understanding. I hope to accomplish the upper level of learning with my students.

  1. Why did you want to teach educational technology?
  2. What form of media do you think works best in a classroom?



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